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    Some news:
    I'm re-assembling all the changes I've done in this hack on a .asm file, apart from the ROM, which include my ASM routines living in their "textual way", the modified graphics splitted in their own "raw" files, as well as "raw" maps. This allows me to have much more control on the entire project. That's why the hack is going to have a little "slowdown" to accomplish this re-organization: but once this is done the project will have its speed boosted up.

    In the meantime I've done this boxart (not too good so far, but I still like it, it has a sort of "retro" style):

    Originally Posted by xoax View Post

    Well,it's very good to see another GB hack here. I dunno why,but i always loved them. This one looks like it was put a lot of effort in it,with good results. =D
    The Pokemon are really nicely inserted,they look great on GB standards.
    Good luck!
    PS: Is Durma based on Burma? O_o That's the first thing that came into my mind when seeing the region name...
    Thank you, in fact I'm really working hard on this hack.
    Actually Durma is a distortion of an italian word ("durame") that means "heartwood", i.e. the most consolidated part of a tree's trunk.

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