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    Note: This project is no longer active. You can get the source here: Feel free to make any modifications to it. You may not sell it or make any money off of it at all.

    Hi there. Some of you may notice the unfinished Pokemon G/S level editor I released (JohtoMap), and I'm here to bring you a new editor for R/B. For the same reason as JohtoMap, ClassicMap is going to be made to make hacking these games much easier. As you guys know, no decent editor out there that can do all the things that AdvanceMap does exists.

    So what is my goal? To create the best public Pokemon R/B level editor. I am posting it here unfinished because I want to include all realistic suggestions. Here's what I have so far:

    -Map editing
    -Event editing
    -Wild Pokemon editing
    -Displaying the town map
    -Everything loading from the ROM (Includes town map marker graphics and all other game graphics used), which also includes Pokemon Names

    I plan to have the following:

    -Fly point editing
    -Town map editing (The data IS compressed but it's weak)
    -Map name editing (Although... Not as important as the rest of the stuff)
    -Header editing, including data repointing
    -Connection editing with straight-forward editing like AM has it, not JM

    Some screenshots (As usual, not 100% up-to-date):

    This project will be open-source, so if you know C# and there's no chance of me adding it, perhaps you could. Also, you'll notice this looks a lot like JohtoMap. I did actually copy the layout from JM, and even use bits of code from it. It uses the same icons, and everything to make ClassicMap look like JohtoMap.

    One more thing: I've found all this data on my own. The only thing I haven't found on my own is the "Event Displacement" formula or the text table. This means I will fully understand data formats and can make it a lot easier to edit.

    But that's it. Hopefully since other WIP projects are allowed, this one will be.

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