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    I have to admit that almost all of the ones I want to talk about have already been said but I'll reiterate them for added effect I suppose, haha.
    • Justin Bieber fans. His "music" is terrible, lack any kinds of hooks, he's an idiot (let's face it, my cat knows what Germany is), and he's a manufactured "artist," if you can call him that.
    • Anti-Justin Bieber fans. Go to almost any music video on YouTube and watch how somebody will compare Justin Bieber to it. I mean, okay, you don't like the guy, who cares?
    • Glee, High School Musical, Camp Rock and any other musical series like this just annoy me, especially when they know they're not great so just rely on autotune, so I really can't see the appeal.
    • Twilight. I've read the first book and regret ever thinking of doing so. It. Is. Terrible.
    • Facebook Games including FarmVille, Mafia Wars, Café World, whatever. They are just...what is the appeal?
    • "Playstation is better than the 360!" "No man, we've got better games!" Does this need anymore elaboration? This "console war" is just pathetic. Play games because you like the games, not because you like the console. -.-#
    • Call of Duty. Okay, it's an alright game, but, seriously, it's not that good. I'd rather play Super Mario Galaxy 2 anyday.

    They are most certainly more obssessions I don't understand but I don't want to bore you.