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Originally Posted by Regeneration View Post
Yes, you are surely in. As for the topic you suggested, I think its good enough for us to discuss~!

Alright that's great to hear.

Which season did you like Team Rocket in? I liked Team Rocket in the Kanto region and in the Isshu region. Main reason for liking Team Rocket in the new season is because they are more serious now and they are actually doing something besides stalking Ash Pikachu. They seemed to be more experenced now which is pretty surprising to see for the Team Rocket that we once know. Now as for the Kanto, I liked the Kanto Team Rocket since it was the classic. They had good jokes and it didn't drop like it did in the newest seasons. I think I got tired of them trying to capture Pikachu all the time.

Now for the topics that I missed.

Who is your favourite member of the Rocket trio? I actually liked James. James seemed to be my favorite out of the three. I think its because of the fact he is the most funniest in the group. Him and his bottle caps. I wonder if they are still going to keep that in the new season.

Are there any Pokemon you want Jessie or James to catch in the future? Hmmm, I would like to see one of them catch a Absol or a Flygon but now that they are in the new season, I can imagine one of them catching Meguroko.