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Hello people! =D

May I request the "PC Veteran" emblem?
I`m on pc since November 2007 and someone told me that I can request this emblem when I`m longer than 3 years on pc. Is that correct? xD

Oops, damnit '' I just read the description of the "PC Veteran emblem", that`s why I stroke out the sentence before. Sorry for posting first without reading this thread properly xD

Short summary :

2007 : ROM Hacking - asking some questions regarding Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
2008 : Trading - mostly to complePokemon keDex in Pokemon Diamond until 2009
2009 : Battling - battles without ev'd Pokemon until 2009, competitive battles until 2010
2010 : Chatting - talking to pc friends, but more often on ut more often on MSN), having a good time
2011 : Less activity - it dropped more because of Windows Live Messenger and Facebook
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