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    Not to mini-mod or anything, but there's a lot of awesome people in the Roleplay Corner, the forum just under Fanfiction & Writing. Try asking some of the regulars there if you're just looking for a one-on-one chat RP. If you're interested in creating an entire RP thread, check out some of the threads to get a feel for how RPing is usually done on PC.

    Beyond that, it might help potential RP partners if you gave us an idea of how you normally RP. As a roleplayer myself (via chats, no less), it's always appreciated if I could get a good feel for the other person -- what their writing style is like, what kinds of things they're into (beyond just the genre -- things like "I like to write about guy-on-guy romance, and these are my kinks"), and even what the plot/world they've created is like to give me a background for the characters they'll be using. Something about their characters themselves always helps as well. Just, you know, more information besides just a one-liner so we can figure out if what floats our boats when it comes to RPs floats yours too and vice versa.
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