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Imagine playing a game set in the depths of Russia, with the memory of Communism still strong in the people's minds. Now imagine that the game is Pokémon and Team Unity is trying to change things back to the old regime. Welcome to Blood Star.

Team leader: NikNaks
Current progress: Early stages

Positions needed:
3D Modeller: We'll need 3D building models for our 3D world
3D Model Skinner: Equally, we'll need people to skin them, so pixel artists creating tiles may wish to try something new with this
Reposer & Retyper: For our PokéVariations, we'll need several different poses and typings for some Pokémon
Designer: Any drawings and sketches to help spriters are always welcome
Pixel Artist: We'll always need pixels

Timezone: Any; I'm running GMT
Contact: PM me or add me on MSN
Additional info: Visit the thread or the forum linked in my signature for details about the game. If you're a complete novice or an experienced dev, I don't mind, so long as you're patient, have a good temperament and a sense of humour. If you've worked with me before, feel free to contact me again!