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It's completely up to the developer whether they follow GM instrument conventions when it comes to creating their games' music sequences and sound banks.

(It's probably easier on the composers to be able to come back too if everything's GM, but there may be some advantage to not having sample banks full of gaps, I don't know.)

I've seen PS1 games, PS2 games, Game Boy Advance games and DS games that were composed following the GM specification and those that weren't.

Off the top off my head:

Pokémon Ruby / Fire Red: Mostly follows General MIDI

Pokémon Diamond: Mostly follows General MIDI
Pokémon Heart Gold: Does not follow General MIDI, but instruments are consistent across the game
Pokémon Black / White: Does not follow General MIDI and instruments differ between songs. (Almost every song in BW has it's own SBNK file)

Sonic Advance 1 / 2 / 3: Do not follow General MIDI
Sonic Colours (DS): Does not follow General MIDI for most songs (Because there's too much sampling), a few that rely purely on orchestral instruments were composed following GM.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Does not follow General MIDI
Final Fantasy XII: Does not follow General MIDI

I've done this with plenty of other games but you get the picture.
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