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I'm currently experimenting with Pokemon that I don't normally use, and lemme say, I love my team right now. :D

Swampert Lv. 37
Take Down

Swampert has been extremely useful for me, like usual.

Seviper Lv. 32
Poison Tail

I use Seviper when I need a KO. Spam screech, then lower the boom with Poison Tail.

Anorith Lv. 34
Metal Claw
Rock Tomb
Rock Smash
Water Gun

I remember when this little guy beat Norman's Slaking. So funny. xD He was only level 22.

Lairon Lv. 32
Iron Tail
Iron Defense
Secret Power

I only use Lairon for battles against Fire Types. Explains the lowish level. I'll teach him Earthquake when I get the chance.

Breloom Lv. 33
Mach Punch
Stun Spore
Bulk Up

Absolute beast. What more can I say?

Castform Lv. 34
Weather Ball
Rain Dance
Sunny Day

Usually, I use him with Swampert in Double Battles to set up Surf. On his own, he is a monster. I'm actually surprised he's one of my most useful Pokemon.
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