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Originally Posted by shininglatios217 View Post
Now I understand why did you write in your signature "A Let's Play with curry and Engrish"...

By the way, great LP. It's funny to see how much pirates can fail in making a translation of a game (specially after seeing that they labeled it as a Pokémon game).
Yeah, I suppose on doesn't often here about a LP with engrish AND curry... Hurrah for you finding it amusing though. =)
Originally Posted by Giratina ♀ View Post
I'm both elated and annoyed at this LP. /was planning to make a fanfic about Pokémon 'Diamond'... but regardless. |P I was amused considerably, but of course remain confused by virtue of it having anything to do with Diamond/Jade... yeah. I'm sure that a Let's Play of this game will produce much snickering as time goes on.
I imagine you would be. =p I hope a do a worthy job on Pokemon Diamond then I guess if you were thinking of doing a fic. ;p May there be snickering!
Originally Posted by dead-man-walking View Post
If I remember correctly, it actually have a better translation that I have played once.

Pretty fun on the battles once you get the hang of it, actually.
I have heard likewise, but I have never seen a completed project of the such. (I have recently seen an even worse pirate of telefang though =/).

And agreed - the battles can be certainly fun and challenging too. Certainly a fair bit involved in them as well.
Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
[Midew T] = Mildew Trainers?

That's what I thought it meant, what that says about me I have no idea.
According to wikipedia, 'Mildew refers to certain kinds of mold or fungus', so even then it seems odd (or maybe not that odd considering it's telefang) that they ask if one is a mold/fungus trainer?


Part Four: Still looking for NETARO
Or wandering about a cave and finding out what a trainer looks like.


Ok, let's get to exploring this place and wake up someone already.

And that's why you are running about in circles in this room, right? Gotta love helpful NPCs.

When you enter a new place, it takes extra time for your friends to reach you. And if that's the case...

...then sometimes you will be called during the battle to be informed that they will be late. How helpful.

While exploring, Kokia decided to share the following:

I can't say i know who or what BURTAMAS is but how does a screwdriver increases his exp?

So essentially, don't give him a screwdriver or he'll break everything with it.

The cave is hardly crazy mazes or the like.

See? Boring.

More water but still boring!

Oh hey a guy with a hat.

Not here, clearly...

'Well Not-Sandslash, you heard the guy. Let's go back and find some baseball!'

Only Bek then proceeds to look about and decide he's too darn lazy to walk all the way back. To be fair, this game is troublesome for him.

Ok, take a good look at the man in the overworld and what this 'KAKUZATO' actually looks like. The 'start to enter' bit can be taken in a bad way too.

He'll proceed to send out a monster to match your Kuribute and may call up to two others while you can call up to two other e-monsters too.

Of course both of mine decided to get lost, despite having found their way here before. The battle is easy enough though - Kesi is nothing to write home about.

Upon winning:

And then the guy runs off. But wait, that was the name of the politician who promised curry... hmm. Now we have politicians that seem to look like telefang's version of pedobear, great.

Crossroads! Let's go down.

The creature sounds confused, and to be honest I don't blame him.

Let's give him a talking to then!

But we want to-

He places emphasis on his order by jumping as well. Bek is convinced by this jumping and hence you are unable to get past him. Oh well, going back up...

So now it is the trainer of fungi or mold they look for? At any rate, the door is locked and remains so for a good while, and is unimportant anyways.

Ah, a politician demonstrating how to use one's head. Hang the fact it's locked - open it anyway!

The politician fails.

How vague.

Yes, I can see you running into locked doors.

The politician leaves, and Bek begins to...think I suppose. At any rate, 'that guy' has the key. At least here it is not too hard to figure out who here has it as we've got a confused creature, a man running around in circles and an angry guy stopping us from going anywhere.

Let's go-

Suddenly a random battle from..., what looks like a decapitated warthog. =(

An aggressive decapitated warthog, my mistake.

Damn straight.

So apparently it has limbs, but I still remain sceptical given the appearance and all. =/

Watching politicians run into stuff and encountering even weirder looking things.

Oh shut up already.

And by asked, I mean he kept talking about the history of this world until I said yes.

Hey, wait a second, Bek just said he was asked to wake him up, is all!

I think this is why MUSA asked us to go here instead of doing stuff himself.

I'm not sure why he wants to make a call when he doesn't call anyone else. Maybe he calls himself. 'Oh hey, NEJIRO!' 'Stop shouting my name.' 'Sorry, NEJIRO! Anyways can you beat this guy up for me?' 'No.' 'I'll be your friend!' 'Ok fine sheesh.'

Not that tough a battle on paper considering it's 3 on 1 in your favour, but it can be difficult if you haven't trained enough (he has a type advantage against Not-Sandslash) and/or you haven't gotten the phone number of anyone in the cave - because with some bad luck your friends get lost and it's one-on-one again.

Luckily that is not a problem.

Do what, exactly...?

Ah, he chose his super-awesome-special move, which is usually a one-hit kill when it hits. It however takes at least a few turns to charge (the DP bar which apparently stands for e-magic? is the display for that), and we don't need that long to win.

A fairly easy battle in this case. Take that, angry...thing.

Everything, I tell you! Because that's what one does when fleeing politicians. This puts everything in perspective - he probably mistook us for a politician. Maybe he doesn't like curry?

That's quite true...

NEJIRO continues to display thinking abilities. Durr hurr, you must be all politicians!

Bek's question prompts a lot of jumping.

Oh that's all right. I mean, you only repeatedly ignored what he said and threatened to kill us. That's an innocent-enough mistake!

'Ok, this is for your own good. Now go to sleep, or the politicians will get you!'

No, really - that's basically what he is saying. And you thought our pollies were bad enough. These ons kidnap and play dress-up.


'Sorry about the whole beating to death business. Friends?'

Man, with friends like these, who needs enemies?


And then he disappears, like a ninja or something.


Woot. Now to go open a door.

While travelling back, we get another phone call telling us HERIOPS likes propellers. And we also got our first instance of an e-monster learning a new move!

This is one of my favourite out-of-context telefang moments. Heck even context doesn't do much to savage anything. After all, Telefang gives one the impression the translator may have been high or something...

Oh look it seems we found him.

Bek is pretty serious business about this - you can tell by the jump.

As a note - imagine this scene with everyone jumping after they finish and/or start speaking.


'Won't somebody please think of the children!?'

Well, he would if he could be bothered to walk here himself.

'What do you mean, water? Who is this Musa? Who are you? Where are my pants?'

Politician noooooooooo

It's nearly 5 in the afternoon. =(

'Won't someone please think of the curry?!'

We're not called Jimmy!

Politicians keeping their word!? How much crazier can this game get!?

He is very happy.


Bek eventually interrupts the jump fest by jumping himself.

Not sure why he's hating on the confused Netaro...oh well?

'I mean, just look at all this...water! You could get WET!'

Them fighting words.

So much for being called Bek.

Suddenly a woman shows up.

...Are you asking Bek out, or asking for a battle?

Ah, a battle.

The engrish is consistent, but not any better due to that...

And suddenly the game throws a level 10 at you with an advantage over Not-Sandslash. Fun!

The rest of her team.

Luckily they take a few turns to arrive, and if you are lucky enough to win before everyone else arrives the battle ends.

Noriwuts indeed. Some strange owl-like thing that tells us to come here...I'll pass.

Already better at fighting than Nejiro, it seems.

Ok, let's try to kill it before the others arrive-


But at least the battle goes all right...

The pink-thing with a tentacle was defeated from healing! Somehow.

And soon enough...


But why did you even-

Well there she goes.

Females do not exist in the world of e-monster!

..unless that was a he. =(

This politician does not know how to use a phone. Yay!

Let what happen, the losing or the running into doors?


'I'll only sleep for a few days at a time in future!'


'It's not baseball, I'm pretty sure! This is boring!'

Another number!

Gotta like that the one responsible for the water supply is a sloth.

...A sloth with missiles in its hair. Ok.

Outside, and straightaway we get a call. Ah well, it can wait until the next update!