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Originally Posted by r0bert View Post
wow,I would call you a god if it wasn't against my relegion.
how did you insert all of those tiles,and how did you use the A-map palletes?
(just asking for advice)

EDIT::noticed something small:it looks like the water edge is higher then the bridge,should be an easy fix.

I guess I'm a false idol then :P

I always thought about what I was inserting and made sure that there was a similar pallete before I put anything in - That's all about you can do when inserting a lott of tiles.

I'm fine with the way it is right now :>

Originally Posted by dragoniteuser View Post
I agree with what most of people said...
The tiles you used are really beautiful, but I must add, I like your stile of mapping.
I'm also glad you haven't given up on the hack! :)
Keep it up!
Thanks. Give up? Nope :P

------- (-o-) -------

It has finally happened - Lilac Beta 1 has been released. It has two gyms and has a Rocket event, ending once you recieve HM05.

Known Bugs/ Unfinished Stuff:
  • The Pokedex screen has a corrupted block that has weird colours and makes it hard to read the text. This can only be seen when catching Pokemon and is not present when opened from the menu.
  • B/W Pokemon cries aren't inserted.
  • Youngster CJ's backsprite is an old man (lol).
  • You MAY experience trouble when trying to enter the building where you recieve your starter. The music must be turned on in some cases to advance.
  • The bag changes pallete when the Town Map is closed after opening.
I'd also like to thank Quilava's Master, Manipulation, NiKaNoRoU, icychill66 and Vrai for offering to test this beta and helping to find all of my flaws :D

Here is the download link to the ips file but you can also find the download link on this thread's first post, so what are you waiting for? Go get it!

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