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Um, I'm probably gonna get flamed/infracted for this(at least, knowing how much I've been made fun of back on Shoddy and whatever) but I'll post this anyway:

I used to be scared of this place for a long time. And I mean a long time. Of course, none of you really remember me posting in here because I don't post here anymore like I used to. The only time where I posted here was back in 07, I guess. I'm one of those people that remembers the days where S&M's activity exploded and all, and I remember it quite clearly.

And honestly, I was afraid of this place because of D_A, and I thought he would troll or ban me if I ever posted in this forum.

...Well, in this thread, I was encouraged to be honest(as Anti said), so I might as well give my view here. Sorry guys. .__.; I'm not really saying anything derogatory(I apologize if I seem like I am, but I'm not) it's just certain things that I was afraid of that prevented me from even posting here, so I could only lurk here instead.
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