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    It has been done. I am the first ever (official) Solo Challenge Champ on Pokémon Black! *happy dance*

    And damn, it was a tough journey right there at the end. Here are the details(mostly - I'm still leaving out major game spoilers):

    -Journeyed through Victory Road
    -Arrived at the Pokémon League
    -Healed, stocked up, saved, and entered the plaza
    -Battled all four Elite Four members (side note: in Black/White, there is no forced order that you must challenge them in; they have the same number of Pokémon and the same level spread - three level 48, one level 50)
    *Shikimi - Ghost Types: Fairly simple with Shadow Claw.
    *Renbu - Fighting Types: Actually gave me a hard time; Fighting types are a pain to beat with a Steel type. Also, F*CKING STURDY.
    *Giima - Dark Types: Brick Break, thankfully.
    *Caitlin - Psychic Types: Yes, the Caitlin from the Battle Castle. Anyway, Shadow Claw once again.
    -Headed to face Adeku, but major storyline spoilers took over. Let's just say that Team Plasma intervened.
    -Spoilers, spoilers, GIANT STORYLINE MAKE SENSE MOMENT, and more spoilers
    -Beat the game, but not the Elite Four. THIS ISN'T OVER YET.
    -Flew back to the Pokémon League and took them on again
    -HUGE LEVEL DIFFERENCE WHUT. They seriously jumped from level 48 to level 71. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN.
    *Shikimi - Shadow Claw was still the main tactic, but it took some luck (critical hit FTW).
    *Renbu - HOLY POP TARTS IN A PENCIL SHARPENER, THIS FIGHT WAS LIKE MISSION FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE. I had to revive Razor so many times that it's not even funny. And again, F*CKING STURDY.
    *Giima - No harder than the first time, surprisingly.
    *Caitlin - A little tougher, but thank God for Steel's resistance to Psychic.
    -And finally.... ADEKU!
    *Champion Adeku - Very odd team, but most of the battle was won with Earthquake. And more luck.

    And that makes me the new Champion of the Isshu Region! The strange part is that I've beaten the whole game and haven't even visited three cities. Time to explore for fun! ;D
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