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So I finally started the last part of my USC with Fireheart, aka Arcanine (At least till B/W comes out in US). Doing the Sinnoh region on Diamond.

  • Named self Cyrus, rival Zane as usual. Picked Piplup, named her Penny.
  • After the initial plot stuff I hacked in a Growlithe on Rt. 202, which is where it can be found with a dongle.
  • Also caught a couple HM slaves - Wings (Starly) and Derf (Bidoof). Boxed Wings and Penny as they won't be needed till later.
  • Made my way to Jubilife City, where I got a Town Map, TM 10 Hidden Power, and a Poketch.
  • Going east, Fireheart had his first battle against Zane.

    Starly and Turtwig were no match for Fireheart's Bite and Ember.

  • Arrived at Oreburgh City, getting Rock Smash along the way, which I taught to Derp.
  • Found Roark in the Mine, and then taught Hidden Power to Fireheart - AMAZING! HP GROUND FTW!!!
  • Back in the gym, Fireheart took on Roark.

    Armed with HP Ground, Fireheart OHKOed Geodude and Onix, then 2HKOed Cranidos.

  • Checked the power of Fireheart's HP Ground - it is 47, which ain't horrible.
  • In the second level of the Oreburgh Gate, I got Flash and caught a Psyduck named Pain, who was taught Flash immediately.
  • Arrived in Floarama Town after going through Lost Cave, and dealt with the Valley Windworks crisis.

    Mars' Purugly was powerful, so after a Super Potion, Fireheart took it down with a crit Bite.

  • After healing up, I went north, and after beating a bunch of trainers, I ended up in Eterna Forest.
  • I took Cheryl through, not really grinding at all as Fireheart didn't need it.
  • Arrived in Eterna City and got Cut from Cynthia, which I taught to Derp.
  • Challenged the gym.

    Fireheart OHKOed Gardenia's three minor grass-types with Flame Wheel, then 2HKOed Roserade for the win.

  • After that, I went up the the Galactic building and proceeded to wipe them out.

    Jupiter's Skuntank got a crit with Night Slash, so I had to use a Super Potion, but Fireheart handled it easily, 3HKOing with HP Ground.

  • Got a Bike from the guy I saved, then took it down Cycling Road.
  • Dawn then showed up with early Christmas gifts - a VS Seeker and a Dowsing App for my Poketch.
  • Found the Revive on the ground, then healed up in Oreburgh.
  • Went underneath the bridge to Wayward Cave.
  • Led Mira out of the cave, fighting all the trainers in the process.
  • After emerging, I pressed on east, eventually meeting Cyrus in Mt. Coronet on the way to Hearthome City.
  • In Hearthome City, I helped out the judge, then talked to her again in the Contest Dome to unlock the routes out of Hearthome.
  • In the middle of the city, Zane came out of nowhere.

    Fireheart has Fire Fang now, which made for easy pickings.

  • Saved and quit after the battle.

The next step is to go to Pastoria City by way of Soleceon Town and Veilstone City.

Team Cyrus:

Fireheart the Naughty Growlithe, ♀ - L31
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Bite, Hidden Power (Ground), Fire Fang, Take Down

Pain the Mild Psyduck - L12, ♀
Slave Moves: Flash

Derf the Quirky Bidoof - L3, ♀
Slave Moves: Rock Smash, Cut

In the box are Wings (Starly, ♀) and Penny (Piplup, ♀).