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    • Recruiting a Team Member
      Team name: BlackGear Developement Team
      Team Leader: Shade (me) - Darkzard
      Current Members: Angela, Joza, Delt, Halomarin, Shade, Darkzard, PepeYue, Pundia, Steel
      Current Game title: Pokemon Monzaru (MMO)
      Current progress made: We hv the client-server almost finished, good chars works, client and map loader works
      Position(s) needed: Mappers -. Scripters but MAPPEEERS!!!
      Timezone: GTM -3, we use forums so we dont care
      Preferred Method of contact: Posting here, or adding me to MSN (necro_xx at
    • Aditional Information: We use TILESET to map, also we wrote all the game, is an MMORPG but it is NOT a browser game so c: that.