Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Lilac [Beta 1 Released!]
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Originally Posted by Lugiaz Soul View Post
The bag glitches up after looking at the town map I received from the sailor dude.
That was already in the list of bugs :P

Originally Posted by cazzler View Post
This game is awesome! The scripts, maps, story, I wish you all the best with this hack. :)
I caught a shiny wurmple too, talk about luck...
Thanks for that :)

Congratulations on the shiny! If you were lucky enough, there was a specific place where you could have find another shiny.

Originally Posted by 12345 View Post
Ah, I'm playing your hack and I really like it, especially the text box and the mountain and grass tiles.
But I think you may improve the palette of Stilwal Town, that will be better. Other things are good, too.
Good luck!
I'm glad that you're having fun :D

Any specific palette in Stilwal?
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