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    Originally Posted by Mismagius1997 View Post
    Wow! Sounds amazing. Yay for shirtless Dento haha.
    I don't know If this is allowed but, could anyone give me a link?
    I had a rough day, my grandma died and I fell allot in the snow. I looked the whole day for the episode on youtube and sites, can't find it..

    But If I may not ask this, sorry did'nt knew.
    Sorry, but you're not allowed to ask for episode links here. There's no problem, just make sure not to ask again. ;) Oh, and my condolences...

    Originally Posted by TheSmartOne View Post

    Pikachu got molested and beat up. :< Poor thing is so abused this season.
    Hey, at least he managed to pull off a win this time!

    I really enjoyed this episode, and I found Bel's character hilarious! Chillarmy is the manliest Pokemon ever, he makes all the women swoon. This episode makes me want to catch one once I get my hands on White! Their trap to catch the little devil was pretty pitiful, it's like it was just an excuse to drop something heavy on Ash's head at the end of the episode. Not to say that there's anything wrong with that. I was anticipating Ash and Bel's battle the whole episode. To be honest, the finale was pretty disappointing. Chaobuu is a real glass cannon. However, Pikachu managed to pull off a win, so I'm not complaining! And who could forget that thrilling capture? This is one of my favorite Best Wishes episodes so far.

    All this talk about shirtless Dento and not one mention of Ash in his undies.
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