Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Lilac [Beta 1 Released!]
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Originally Posted by Kid nino View Post
To be honest, the more I see of this hack the happier it makes me. Not necessarily because the hack is improving significantly (even though it is) but because I really enjoy how enthusiastic your help is.

In all honesty, it's not usually the skill of the hacker that makes or breaks the games but the level of dedication and enthusiasm there is among staff.

In other words, please keep up the good work I wish you luck. :]
Why, thank you :)

I'm happy you're enjoying the hack because that's the kind of guy I am.

Originally Posted by Lugiaz Soul View Post
I like how there's a big chance of finding a shiny in the crate on the shore of Fleetwood.
And, I have an idea! Can you make it so that sometimes when you run over a flower, some kind of bug or flower Pokemon can attack you. If you were to do that, this would be the first game that has that feature.
Congratz on the shiny Grimer.

Yeah, that would be an interesting feature, but I'd prefer to keep my flowers as they are. I already have a lot of grass in some parts, so I wouldn't want to inconvenience anyone else by making them avoid flower tiles If their Pokemon are injured or something.
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