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I tried that but unfortunately the music won't resume after new fanfare added to the table.
maybe somthing gone wrong give it a try:


Table    :    5248BC
Pointer  :    EC655308
Offset  1:    0A30A8
Offset  2:    0A30FC
Offset  3:    0A3120
Amount   :   0A3128


Table    :    5248BC
Pointer  :    A8975208
Offset  1:    0A308C
Offset  2:    0A3104
Offset  3:    0A30E0
Amount   :   0A310C 


Table    :    5297A8
Pointer  :    A8975208
Offset  1:    0A30A0
Offset  2:    0A30F4
Offset  3:    0A3118
Amount   :   0A3120


Table    :    3Ac990
Pointer  :    90c93A08 
Offset  1:    071C08
Offset  2:    071C5C
Offset  3:    071C80
Amount   :   071C88


Table    :    3A6D08
Pointer  :    086D3A08
Offset  1:    071C2C
Offset  2:    071C80 
Offset  3:    071CA4
Amount   :   071CAC


Table    :    3AC7DC
Pointer  :    DCC73A08
Offset  1:    071B6C  
Offset  2:    071BC0
Offset  3:    071BE4
Amount   :   071BEC
Well i dont remember what are these stuff but it's easy to fugure out.
here also dump of table from emerald if i remember well.
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I have so much things to do i didnt got time for it anyway if you find a solution please contact me

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