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Myrrh, just gonna say that its probably a good idea to put up a little information about black and white on the main post, pretty much saying that it isn't needed for ultimate solos (yet) and pointing out that the finish point for them is after actually defeating the main storyline(meaning it'll be kinda like red seen as you don't verse the champion until finishing the main story line, which happens to include beating the elite four members and some.....other stuff which I wont mention for spoilers) incase anyone(like wingman, and me in the case of my ultimate) wants o atemp soloing these games.

EDIT: So far I've only earned 3 badges and am just leaving artys gym, haven't really done much but thats mostly because of the extremely boring time I have training Beldum until he evolves in Metang, ow well he's evolved now so I should be able to do alot tomorrow. Anyway will being bored training Beldum I created a little Metagross userbar .
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