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Okay. Added. c:

First Pokemon Update:

*Began the game as a girl in Crystal.
*Got Totodile. Named it 'Suiryudan'.
*Turns out I have to hack in all the others except for Nidoran F.
*Headed over to Mr.Pokemon's house.
*Defeated my Rival, named him Minato. (lol inside joke)
*Caught a Bulbasaur, named it 'Tsuru'.
*Caught a Vulpix, named it 'Kyuubi'.
*Ran out of Pokeballs quickly; will have to battle to get some more money.
*Grinded all of my Pokemon to level 10 before reaching Violet City.

*Kyuubi took care of the entire Bellsprout Tower easily. Got HM Flash.
*Bought some PokeBalls, hoping to be able to catch Elekid now.
*Elekid almost refused to stay within all of the Balls I had thrown, but I finally caught it. Named it 'Raikiri'.
*Also caught Rhyhorn, named it 'Dosenkiryu'. All I need is Nidoran F at Route 35.
*Grinded the newcomers before the 1st gym.
*Curbstomped Falkner. My Party is destructive already. I'm so proud. 8D
*Got Togepi and hatched it, then walked clear back to New Bark Town to get the Everstone. Gonna need that for Ivysaur.
*Walked all the way to Azalea. Wishing I had the bike already. Some of my Pokemon are going to evolve soon. c:
*Saved the Slowpokes from the evil Team Rocket with Dosenkiryu. Horn Attack ftw.
*Demolished Bugsy with Kyuubi
*Caught an Oddish, named it 'Oddity'. HM slave for Cut.
*I get through Ilex Forest to Goldenrod, and Suiryudan evolves into Croconaw! 8D
*Defeated Whitney with Dosenkiryu, along with some help from Tsuru, who evolved into a Ivysaur (whom can't evolve anymore D: )

*Saved in National Park, where I will wait till morning to hunt down a Nidoran F.


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