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    Originally Posted by wingman11 View Post
    Of course, that becomes pretty dang hard. The Elite Four is between levels 48 and 50 the first time; they jump all the way up to 71-73 when you face them the second time. My Doryuuzu was level 76 and I had a hard time doing anything. I had to use all my Rare Candies to get him to level 84, and even then it was impossibly hard to win. I think that Black and White will become the death of any Ultimate Solo Challenge if that is the case.
    Ahh yes but you didn't go explore those other 3 towns, theres enough training to get you up to the right level to fight them, anyway Metagross pretty much covers all of there teams easily(not to sure about the champion but isn't he fighting based?) anyway I'll probably have more problems doing Kabutops then doing Metagross.

    EDIT: Ok so looked it up the champion is mixed(although he has 3 bug types) and doesn't have any fighting types >.<.
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