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    Merged with the FAQ thread.

    Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post
    It wasn't just the note of the actual episode, and was more serious than any other episode. It wasn't just boob's a gun or racism. It caused 800 japanese children to go into hospital. The show was put of a 4 month stop and Nintendo was blamed for it. The episode in general was banned in all other countries, so 4kids didn't have the change to edit it, they couldn't. Another reason probably was because the flashing lights, etc, probably went on for quite a while, so if they cut it out, it would end up being around 10 mins.
    It's pretty much this. The reason it hasn't been aired is most likely nothing more than common courtesy. Airing the episode would have been extremely disrespectful, and the Japanese government did place a worldwide ban on the episode. According to Maddie Blaustein a safer dubbed version does in fact exist, it just can't legally be aired.