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I started my challenge on Blue. I did the starting stuff and then I caught a Rattata. I went to Pewter City and beat Brock. Rattata evolved and I went to Cerulean City. I beat my rival and caught a Bellsprout. I helped Bill and beat Misty. I then went to Vermillion City and Bellsprout evolved. I went on the SS. Anne and beat my rival and then beat Lt. Surge. I then went towards Rock Tunnel and caught a Voltorb. I then made it to Lavender Town and Voltorb evolved. I then got to Celedon City and evolved Weepinbell. I then beat Giovanni and got a Porygon. I then beat Erika. I am currently in Celedon City.

Vbell (Victreebel) Lv38.
Moves: Razor Leaf, Acid, Wrap, Sleep Powder.

Porygon-A (Porygon) Lv24.
Moves: Tackle, Psybeam, Conversion, Psychic.

Ratattack (Raticate) Lv34.
Moves: Water Gun, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Hyper Fang.

Explodey (Electrode) Lv32.
Moves: Light Screen, Selfdestruct, Thunderbolt, Sonicboom.
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