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Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
@qaz: Thanks a lot, man! A new update's in this post. Although I think you might've already seen it. XD;

@moments.: Well, I tend to make simple tags because I feel that the tags which require smudging and other sorta techniques are too much of a bother for me. XD; But seriously, I agree with you. I need to go for some experimentation in order to improve. And to improve...that's what my main aim is. Thanks a lot, Moments. I really wish people like you commented a little more often on my gallery. <3

Oh and thanks for complimenting my LP. And haha, I guess you're right about 'eternal' as 'love' stands out a lot more in comparison. I'll try to take care in future. :D

EDIT: Update: My current signature image, actually. XD;

Oooo this is really cool! :D Nice job.

Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
Update Time!

Well, moments told me to experiment with my tags a bit. The result was:

After moments gave me some suggestions, I made another version of the tag. A better version. <3

Both are great, I like the one with text better. Good job.
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