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New Update:

*Caught Nidoran F. Named her 'Hirudora'.
*Hirudora evolves into Nidorina. 8D Woohoo!

*Grinded the whole team up to level 20.
*Raikiri's ThunderPunch OHKO's everything.
*Destroyed my rival.

*Raikiri completely demolished Morty. He didn't even get in a hit.
*Raikiri evolves into an Electabuzz. C:

*I go grinding again, this time to level 30. (catch up with Raikiri)
*Found a completely random Shiny Pidgeotto. 8D

*After getting all of my party to level 30, Suiryudan evolves into Feraligatr. c:

*Surfed to Cianwood and destroyed Chuck with Suiryudan and Raikiri.
*Kyuubi singlehandedly defeated Jasmine. Off to Mahogany Town we go!
*I defeat the Gyarados in the Lake of Rage, and head off into Team Rocket's Hideout.
*Cleared out the Hideout. Going into the Gym.
*Kyuubi, once again, solos.
*Since you can't get the Moon or Fire stone until late in the game, I'm probably gonna have to hack those in. :/


Tsuru (Ivysaur) Lv. 32

Kyuubi (Vulpix) Lv. 35

Suiryudan (Feraligatr) Lv. 32

Raikiri (Electabuzz) Lv. 32

Dosenkiryu (Rhyhorn) Lv. 33

Hirudora (Nidorina) Lv. 32

It tosses its enemies around with agility. It uses all its limbs to fight in its own unique style.
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