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Originally Posted by shininglatios217 View Post
It get's... worse? Is that even possible? O.o

At least the Engrish is funny, like you already said.
Yes! =p Anyways, more characters, confusing plots and other stuff contributes to it. =p

Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
That is, if ypu can guess what they are. I wouldn't trust anyone to buy a gun from a countertop. Who knows if it is safe. And what would a kid be doing with that gun anyways?
You wouldn't, but the creatures in the e-monster world do! =D And guns are not quite the 'worst' and such items actually do have a use in a way...but you will see. =p
Originally Posted by Froslass_Maniac View Post
Oh i remember playing this as a little kid. ~

lol... I found it rude that I wasn't allowed to save... So yeah, it bored me pretty quickly (I once left the pc on when I paused and I played together with my brother, we got pretty far back then), At that time I couldn't read english. And the only thing that was familliar to me was "curry" Although at that time I only knew it as some sort of... Sauce...? So yeah... I pretty much skipped everything that is said. Looking at this LP makes me laugh since I now understand english. xDD

Ahaha ~ I also called kuribute Sandslash first but then I just said it's name correctly (somehow it reminds me of kirby...)
Yay for another person who experienced this as a child! XD

I seem to be lucky to have had a copy of the game and not have saving issues with it too, I suppose. And at least now you can 'understand' what is being said I suppose?
Originally Posted by shininglatios217 View Post
Actually, it's worse. What would a kid be doing giving a gun to a monster?
So it can use D shoot, obviously. ;p And anyways, a few updates will cover items (because that's only when the game begins to cover it itself!)