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Merry Christmas! (well sorta)
I got Presents for all of you :D I drew some Pokemon for you all. The caption under the picture explains stuff.
For my favorite mod, Sydian

This took forever to do.Mid drawing I spent 10 mins decideding wether or not to make 3 holes on the hat for the leaves. but I didn't. The tag says Merry Christmas.

For the guy who wants a zombie Jumpluff, Mondayssuck

If you can't read what it says on the ribbons on the cotton balls:
Top Cotton Ball: Insert Zombie Jumpluff here
The one with a Christmas Hat: Mondays Suck
The one next to it's hip: They really do

Yes I give myself presents, chaos11011

Indigo is a ninja, but not today. He perfers the Christmas Spirit. You guys will be seeing alot of him on my fan comic soon.

For my best/closest freind on the forum, Seco.560cool.

Now PC needs a Blaziken wordfilter, herp derp.

For the Challenge Warden/King, Myrrhman

If I wasn't going to do a Nuzlocke Comic on Leaf Green, I would swear to never draw this Pokemon again. It's to hard.

And for something not Christmas related but challenge related

My team from my first nuzlocke, Platinum.

And the best picture of all

I posted this early so you guys can use it for your avi's or something. No need for credit.

Karpman I didn't forget about you. I just need to know your favorite Pokemon and I'll post yours. In the meantime I'll go get more paper because my notebook ran out D:
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