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    Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
    I'd see the same thing as well. I'm a retro Nintendo nut, I'll admit though.

    It'd be funny if we were actually allowed to request No No No, though. Or, even just a "Blank Emblem" that is just a pointless emblem. It wouldn't make much sense though. And the Smiley Overuser one- I don't like the idea of that one. I thought using too many smileys was an infractable offense.
    I would think for emblems like the Smiley overuser emblem, it all should count towards the quality of posts, rather than the quantity. So I'd think it'll be an infractionable offense if say, a person only puts smiley's on their posts, compared to a person who made well thought of posts, with a smiley or two.

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