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Even though I'm not on the list yet, I'm just gonna go ahead and post how far I've gotten today. c:


*Began the game. Named myself Kushina and my rival Minato. (lawl)
*Oak gave me a Pikachu.
*Got Oak's Parcel. Gave it to him. Now going to catch Seel.
*Caught Seel. Nicknamed it 'Arctic'. Looks like I have to work with Headbutt only for a while.
*I begin to grind before moving forward.
*After getting to level 15, I battle Minato again before heading into Viridian Forest.
*Arctic headbutts it's way to victory in the battle against Brock.
*I find TM 12 (Water Gun) in Mt. Moon, and teach it to Arctic.
*At the end of Mt. Moon, Arctic's at level 25.
*I clear the Nugget Bridge, along with my rival.
*At level 29, I head back to face Misty, after obtaining the SS Ticket. Pikachu was fascinated by Bill, who was a Pokemon at the time.
*I teach Arctic Bubblebeam after winning against Misty.
*I go to Vermillion, where I board the S.S. Anne.
*Arctic evolves into a Dewgong on the ship. c:
*Dewgong's back sprite looks disturbing.
*Arctic easily takes out Surge's Raichu. Onwards we go!
*Got Flash from Oak's Aide. To Rock Tunnel!
*By the time I finish Rock Tunnel, Arctic is at level 44.
*I get Ice Beam from the thirsty little girl on the rooftop of the Celadon Department Store. I teach it to Arctic.
*After defeating Erika, Arctic is at level 48.
*After clearing out the Game Corner, Arctic is at level 50.
*After going through the Pokemon Tower, Cycling Road, and defeating Koga, Arctic is at level 59.
*I get Surf and Strength. I teach Surf immediately to Arctic.
*I saved just outside of Fuchsia City. I plan to take the way back up to Lavender Town for some more experience.

Arctic (Dewgong) Lv. 60

It tosses its enemies around with agility. It uses all its limbs to fight in its own unique style.