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"art is subjective" nice. o/

Anyways, I've said it before, I'm not the biggest fan of those "insert CSS here" graphics, mainly because I hate it when a bar of transparent black or white ruins what would've been a fairly nice tag. Alas, I will comment icons.

Icons, one of the things I am terrible at.


These are by far the best of the bunch. Most of the other ones either are looking bit low quality or bit blurry or colours not crisp enough, stuff like that.
Referring to Eye.png, the actual eye itself looks great, but the skin in the bottom right looks out of place. The colouring is really quite dull almost and draws from the sharp, saturated reds of the eye. I'd either saturate the skin more, or desaturate it, or sharpen it or contrast up or do something. It just looks in the middle of everything and not really leaning towards being made to draw more attention to the eye, or to match the aesthetic of the eye.

You have some really nice stuff, and some not so good stuff. Those ones I listed, look at what you did with those and try expand that style more or use elements from it to do your others.
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