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    Does anyone have the specification for Pokémon Black/White's Pokémon and species (name, base stats, type, etc.) data? I'm trying to find out where the data is stored (and how Pokémon and species are represented), so I can dump it into a file and read from it in the application I'm developing. I've managed to find this for the B/W Pokémon format, but there's no information on block shuffling or encryption. I can't find anything for the fifth generation species data either.

    Also, can anyone confirm that the move and item data structures are the same for R/S/E, D/P/P and B/W? I managed to find move and item specs for the third generation on Bulbapedia, but not D/P/P or B/W. I can't imagine items and moves would need new attributes for the fourth and fifth generation games (new enumerations can be made for the move's target and which bag the item is placed it), but that might not be the case. This isn't as important as the Pokémon and species data, but it'd still be nice.

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