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Originally Posted by bruno100 View Post
I don´t have any luck in giveaways .

Plz go to my shop and post the shinys you want :D
dude, its free "
Originally Posted by Hothot View Post
Hi Ginji i want this please
UT Naive Treecko (7/19/07) OT トウキョ- [Tokyo]
-UT Bold Tauros (11/21/06) OT ナゴヤ [Nagoya]
i have this for offer
German Nzone Pikachu
Pikachu,bashful,8.08.10,often naps
Pikachu,bashful,12.08.10,good endurance
Pihachu,bashful,17.08.10,likes to fight

all german
Mew 20078 Aura serious 30.01.09,proud of its Power HP42
Mew 20078 Aura quirkly 29.09.08,hates to lose HP42
Regigigas,Euver09,id.07189,18.07.09brave,very finicky,spain
2009 GTs Shinx,ot.jap.42356,17.03.09,serious,somewhat vain for this good offer please,japan
thats all checked an ut,thanks
I'm interested in these:

German NZone
Pikachu,bashful,12.08.10,good endurance
Pihachu,bashful,17.08.10,likes to fight

I'll be able to trade later today
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