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Pokemon Team Chaos!!

Ok, So i lost all the work I had so far, so Im starting over, SOOO I think Im gonna give you guys the story of Pokemon Rise of Team Chaos!(Name might change..who knows) well you start off in a lab, and you hear voices saying they finished erasing your memories and they are going to send you on a mission to take over the world and announce that team chaos is coming! along the way you will start remembering your past and at th end of the game, you will have a decision of going to the good side or staying with the bad. whichever you choose decides the fate of the world! thats all i got so far and the story just might change a little so it is a solid story. so far i havent decided if there will be fakemon but im sure there will be new trainer sprites and other things and im going to make all 386 pokemon available!(from kanto to hoenn pokemon) anyway, we need more members on the team! i need alot of help! also tell me hwat you think of the story line and what you would change about it!

Here is the application form:


What I need in depth:
Music Editors
Sprite Inserters
Someone To Make Banners
Someone who could post updates about the game and just keep everyone notified
beta testers

Current Project:
Pokemon Rise of Team Chaos

Current Team Members:
Me=Scripter Tiler Mapper,
Pokemonatoms=Sprite Inserter, Mapper
Hi-Techneon = Scripter, Mapper,Tiler

Just about any help would be appreciated so Thanks in Advance to Anyone wanting to Join!!!:D

Pokemon Hacking Team Chaos looking for members! is where the thread is!