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    Ok, First, Hi-Techneon, I talked to you earlier, so you're in!

    Second, Pokemonatoms, You have some pretty good sprites! are you good at trainer sprites and ow sprites? because im not and i keep getting frustrated when i try to draw ideas for the main character...But anyway ur in 2

    Come on guys!! spread the word!! we need more members! there is alot of work to be done! also tell me if any of you have any questions for me and i will gladly answer them!

    Hey! This is for anyone who wants to join the team for mapping! I want you to make a route 1 and a city is above it! im going to post a video of my hometown map for my hack. the city is choral beach and i need a waterway at the bottm! so if you wanna join then post a map for me! also, comment my map and tell me if it is good or bad, and be specific so i can change problems or anything like that! thanks and make sure you join the team if you want!

    Im gonna post the file asap so just wait for a little while!

    Pokemon Hacking Team Chaos looking for members! is where the thread is!