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Originally Posted by 649 View Post
Okay, thread will be made by me, look forward to it!

Also, something Im just a bit confused about.

Most challenges ban legendaries, but some pseudo-legendaries are stronger than some legendaries. Moltres vs Tyranitar, who would win?

I vote that all Legendaries 600 BST and below be unbanned!
I honestly think it's up to the challenger, whether they want to use Legendaries or not. Legendaries are most likely banned for the fact that they are "Above" all other pokemon and each of them is extremely powerful in their own right, even Moltres.
The example you gave however, was a bad one. Primeape, which is by no means, pseudo-legendary could easily defeat a regice, and Gyarados could beat an entei. Type advantages trump base stats in-game, so the argument is, irrelevant.

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