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    hey guys um sorry if this redundant if somebody already posted these problems, my pc is being !#$%%^%$# so it won't let me do much, i can't look at the other pages, i can barely even get to this spot to post this so if it gets up, well wow it made. Anyways, I've had these problems on No$gba with both roms, hg and ss, after the intro it goes to a black screen and one time i got a code (then a few days later my pc crashed and i lost everything, that code included), and after i got a little ways, it just froze and then it wouldn't work anymore. I couldn't even open the rom/emulator together. On Desmume, it would go up until about violet city and then i ran into a shiny, was it a weedle? (lucky me) and then midway through the battle it just froze and the same thing happened, it wouldn't open any more. So um some help?