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    Thanks for all the feedback !
    It looks like I've been progressing nicely according to the fact the ones who usually don't play 2nd gen hacks, might still try this out.
    Anyways, never expect this to get to Prism's level :D

    Now for some quoting...

    Originally Posted by xoax View Post
    Nooo! Eevee again? xD
    Well,i must say i always loved your hacks. I was impressed by your skills,editing most of things by hex. Your hacking is more like art,not just editing things with tools.
    The "Intelligence" and "spirit" stats are ones of Sp.Atk and Sp.Def respectively,just renamed,right? If so,why have you changed them?
    I can't see more of the game's storyline and more screenshots. I'll be checking this hack without doubts everyday. =3
    Wow...I'm glad you like it

    I came up with those names by playing a game called Secret of Mana 2 way back then. They kinda replace "Magic" and "Magic Defense" in that game but in pokemon games you don't use magic and that's why "Magic" and "Magic Def." wouldn't work. But I see nothing wrong with having Spirit and Intelligence as the names.

    Originally Posted by KingDoubt View Post
    Just how big is this city gonna be?
    I think I made a spelling error; I kinda meant to say that you live in Southern Edge, in The Capital but the story takes place in the whole planet anyways :D
    "The Capital is the biggest city in a planet called Suden where the story takes place", fixed that btw.

    But the city is still going to be BIG.
    Not sure of its size yet but as an example, Goldenrod's size is 20x18, this is gonna be like 30x30 - 40x40.
    And yes, I'm definitely going to create the map from scratch so that there will be enough events.
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