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Originally Posted by altariaking View Post

Typo I found.
Look what else I found 8D
Silly me and my typos

Why is everyone finding shinies in my game? I want some shinies too ;_;

Originally Posted by toastier View Post
and that's what she said! -dadoomduumph!-
hahahahahaha... hoo... that is some funny stuff right there...

ahem! anyways,
this hack looks veryyyy promisiingg! :D i really like the palm trees, and the flattish trees that you used, as well as the ability to capture shiny pokemon. this is the first hack i've evurr seen that has those, unless i've just never been lucky enough to get them. xD
i am really looking forward to playing this once i find the time. :)))

There are a couple of other hacks that allow players to catch shiny Pokemon is specific areas, so its not like you can't find better other hacks that have that feature. I hope you enjoy it when you play it :)

Finally got a header for updates and whatnot Credits to PokemononTrainerd for this and part of my sig.

Anyway, I won't be doing much in the coming days due to Christmas and responsibilities with family and friends, so here is a minor update. Route 6 is beginning to take shape, where a character from you'll meet a character from your past (As seen in this screenshot). It will most likely change soon, as I don't like the placement of the bridge D:

I'm also planning to go over all of the flags already present in the ROM, seeing as I rarely wrote down which ones I used so most of them have no discernable order.

Rate, subscribe, comment - Do what ever you wish and have a merry Christmas and some happy holidays :D
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