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Chillarmyyyy. Now, if you don't know - or can't tell - I've been obsessed with Chillarmy since it was Chiramii. Since the day it was ~leaked~. It's actually going to be the single reason why I'm even interested in generation V. I pretty much lost most of my interest in Pokémon, after all.

I finally got around to watching it, and here are my reactions to the episode. It looks like a fangirl.

lolderp headbutt sent 'em flying.
how rude. let her finish talking before you turn it off!
omg lol @ face
haha. she's still looking' for it.
omg chillarmy tail!!
omggggg cuuuuuutee AAAHHHH!!! that sound it makes when it's running omgggggg Chillarmy <33333
awwwwww. cuuute.
omg the pokedex images are so cute.
i want to hug it.
omg lol it put the case in it's mouth. lmfao!
i like the pokabu eve more after seeing it in action. hmm..
aww look at it run!
omg that's so cute. it's tickling it!!! awwwwwwwww!!!!
aw, how cute. cleaning itself off after falling.
mijumari you're stealing it's spotlight.
there you go, chillarmy. steal it right back. n___n show it who's boss.
)))) qt!
cute and strong! one hit!
haha. back in the mouth it goes!
team rocket looks so professional now. snap son!
wow. intense scene… sudden disappearance. cool… now show me chillarmy please.
it's a he!
dent is so much like brock…
omgggg chillarmyyy n_n
aw, how cute. sniffing it.
cute feet. n_n
holy crap! bell is like a giant in that scene.
aww, cleaning off the pot. so cute.
:o ->
such a corny dance.
what a sly face.
haha, right back at ya!
tsutaja is like me in this case. so in love with chillarmy <3
good you dodged.
omg pikachu you know you like it.
aww so cute. he's tired.
lol. run away.
monster ball?
omg lol it's running to clean it.
can i turn this episode off now, or is there going to be more chillarmy in it?
that's right! it doesn't matter! wouldn't matter to me, either as long as i had a chillarmy. n_n
omg derp pikachu in the box thing.
when did he get an egg? :/
omg that flip screen gave me a small headache.
chaoboo? u_u ugh… you wanted a chillarmy and you aren't even using it?
omg that attack looked cool.
omg it fainted? u_u
omg lol… that was such an awkward exit.
put the case down. what a stupid thing to do to close the episode. :/
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