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Originally Posted by duracellular View Post

Anyways, here is my map. It's the starter town for a non existent hack . The cave is victory road, and it's kind of like a crossroad for trainers. To the south is the first three gyms, to the east is the next three gyms, and to the north is the final two and the league.
I like it, I see no tile errors (other than the one biker on the right) and it seems like it could work in a real game. Your flower placement isn't uniformed which is good and the layout doesn't look too open or too crowed.
Overall it's a pretty good starting town. 8/10

Now for my map, or should I say maps.
Map Name: Onset Cape/ Route 1
Map Game: Unnamed as of now (Emerald Rom)
Credits: No fancy tilesets, just the regular Emerald ones.
Comments: Onset Cape is the starting town of hack I'm working with it. It has to entrances/ exits, leading out into the first route. The first route itself fits the linear path most of the games have. I can say now that I see a few tile errors with the sand but I can fix them in a heart beat.