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Originally Posted by MysticFlames View Post
So again, if anyone knows the answers to these questions, it'd be super great. This problem has left me at a bit of a standstill, actually. I've wanted to solve this problem before moving on. =[

1. How do I edit the Pokemon Center script that runs when you faint? Where would I be able to find it? The script I mean is the one that sends you the Pokemon Center (or whatever other healing place).

2. This one's related to the former. How do I change the location the player is sent upon fainting? Not just the map, I want to know how to change what specific tile you appear on (normally, you show up right in front of the nurse, for example, and how can you change that?).

I mean, I hope everyone knows what I'm looking for, I don't know how to make it any clearer. =| If I mustmustmust, I'll just steal already existing Pokemon Centers, but I would really prefer not to.
Here are some of my findings:

0x1A654B : executed after battle fades, before "scurried home/to PC" text

0x16a2cb : viridian city 'sethealingplace' script (type 3)
0x1bc05c : 'special 0x182' script (type 5)

0x1A8DD8 : home script (mother heals your team)
0x1a8d97 : PokeCenter Script (Nurse Joy heals your team)
Basically this is what happens: after the battles fades, the game runs the script at 0x1A654B. Before the "player scurried to such and such place" text is displayed, the level scripts (types 3 & 5) are executed for the target map (there are none for the player's house). After the text is printed and the player presses A, the game fades back in to the player's new location and one of those two scripts is executed. As for which tile the player gets warped to, I'll have to do further research.

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