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    Originally Posted by altariaking View Post

    Well apart from the bottom part, it's pretty bare. No paths, no flowers, just grass houses and signs. And Postboxes. And trees, but anyway, the mountain part at the bottom right were the two mountains are parallel doesn't look too good either, and the lakes are all really square, and just get smaller. Tree placement looks pretty good. Maybe you could move the houses up a little? And give them windows. Overall, not bad, but just a few things that could be fixed up a little.


    Map Name: Route 401
    Map Game: Pokemon Iron and Stone
    Credits: Link to thread in sig.
    Comments: I like it. Most of the crit I had received on past maps was about the lack of space for the player to move, so I tried my best to fix that, and completely redone my old Route 401. There are a few one tile spaces, but, ah well. This is the first route, where you will encounter the evil team having an argument with the good team, and then after the evil team leave, the leader of the good team will show you how to catch a Pokemon, and give you Pokeballs. To the left there will be a grunt from the evil team, so you'll be forced to go forwards. Then, once you gain access to the left, there will be a few trainers, and then another route. Not much else to do in this route unless you like Hummingbirds, Squirrels, Dogs and Abra.
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