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my map
name: dessert kanto trail (name subject to change)
rom: ruby
description: it connects part of orre to kanto (can't see other side of cave from opposite sides) and you aren't suppose to get back to orre.
Open to help with any hack. good mapper, and new spriter.
For me, your map is a little bland. More detailed mountains would make it more appealing. Same for the little bit of desert area that is shown. More rocks and stuff like that would make it better. Otherwise, I would say that it is a solid map.

Rout 22 is a good map. Simple "but effective". I like it.

For the map of Viridian city: Assuming you didn't want to add any new features to it not from the original game, this map is spot on. Keep it as it is if what you wanted was a R/S/E version of the kanto city.
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