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Is your mini-hack of sorts played with a Ruby-ROM? Cause I seem to have a bit of a problem here:
I start the game, but it displays Opition, New Game, AND Continue, even though I've just started to try the hack out. From there:
1: I select Continue, and it starts me out in Littleroot, where the Prof.'s Lab and my house appears, but can't enter them, May's/Brendan's house isn't there, all the signs can't be read, and the map seems to be based on Snakewood's version of Littleroot. (I'm sorry I have to type this, I don't know how to post images/screenshots to show you what I mean)
2: I select New Game. Everything is fine until the part where the player character is supposed to morph into their sprited form before the game starts. It freezes at that moment.
Please reply; I'm a dedicated follower of your hack, and when I saw in bold letters "Christmas Mini-Hack", I smiled like a kid in candy store. Again, thank you for masterpiece of hacking goodnesss, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
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