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    • Recruiting a Team Member
      Team name: PokeWorld Dev Team
      Team Leader: JoeRayRap (me)
      Current Members: Solo atm
      Current Game title: PokeWorld Online
      Current progress made: Client and Server connection finished. Database done. Voice Chat system complete. Kanto Region completely done.
      Position(s) needed: Many Talented C#/XNA coders - Spriters - Tilers - Mappers - Audio/FX
      Timezone: PDT -8 (CA)
      Preferred Method of contact: PM on here or AIM me at joerayrap.
    • Aditional Information: Tons of work needed to be done. Game uses C#/XNA Engine. Movement system is weird and game audio has memory leak issue. Goal is to become one of the best Pokemon MMORPGs.