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Text changes for Pokemon DarkFuture

I'm late of school once again > I'm late for school once again

As usually you're late from your science lessons > As usual you're late for your science lesson

I can't catch up with your name yet(The sentence just doesn't make sense) > I didn't catch your name / I can't recall your name

Players House(Upstairs):
Stay kindly there, okay? > Kindly stay there, okay?

Welcome to play Pokemon DarkFuture > Welcome to Pokemon DarkFuture (play doesn't make sense there)

This additional script was load so that you're... > This additional script was loaded/used so that you're...

(not really important) I just hope you have fun with the hack! > I hope you have fun with the hack!

The day got set > The day was set

Players House(downstairs):

Cactus found sufficient amount of money > Cactus found a significant amount of money

A Good trainer is looked for to take care of Bulbasaur > Looking for a good trainer to take care of (my) Bulbasaur!

Bulbasaur Ladies House:
This is type of a Pokemon who wants to fight and become stronger > This is the type of Pokemon who wants to fight and become stronger

Entering the idle house (with the 1 kid in it) after loading a save game gives the error: Unknown opcode fc at 8019. Clicking the ok button leaves the game frozen.

Just about covers it, can't wait til next release!
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