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    Originally Posted by MUDKIPS4LIFE View Post
    Thanks. I've finished the beta and can't wait for the finished game.

    Another question the zombie pokemon do they have any strengths or weaknesses? And there's one pokemon sprite I'd like to see edited , Hombeast. It looks the same as Hombone but an extra claw. References made me lol the whole game through.
    Zombiemon have the same strengths and weaknesses as their living counterparts.

    As for Hombeast - no changing possible. It's precisely the point that the only change is one extra claw. Read Hombone and Hombeast's Pokédex entries for more information on that.

    Originally Posted by taker0684 View Post
    Does anyone know where to find milotic? Also is that chikorita on the island of calm is catchable,or any other past starter(preferably charmander) for that matter?
    The three Kanto starters are all zombies, so you can't get them - but you can catch all three Johto starters. To catch Chikorita, return after you have more badges (I think you need Veracity's badge, or possibly Esau's.)

    As for Milotic, you can catch Feebas in the old-fashioned way, by trial and error on Route 119, or you can catch it in the Lilycove Sewers. However, you can't evolve it until you reach Gym Island, which you can't get to yet as it's Snakewood's equivalent of the Battle Frontier, and won't be implemented until after the main storyline. On that island, there will be a contest hall, and you'll be able to make Pokéblocks to evolve Feebas there.

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