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    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    While I'm fine with us discussing football, make sure that the main topic does stay about challenges, guys. I'm pretty lenient with this thread, so I'd hate to have to crack down on it like a jail warden or something.
    Nah, I'm the warden, silly.

    Okay, I don't know if you guys remember way back when before I took my 3 month leave of PC when I was going on and on about my super awesome challenge that I was working on. Well, I might as well tell you about it.

    First, I'm going to have to credit redsaber with the original idea, sort of, but I made it playable. Really the only problem I have right now is that it's geared almost exclusively to people with Emulators.

    Basically, you use "money" to buy all your Pokemon and items and stuff. The goal is to buy Arceus. He costs a lot of money; like $1,000,000 or something. Everytime you beat a trainer in the game you're playing, you get a little money. You can also get money by selling stuff that you have. So basically if you get money in the game, you get money in this challenge.

    Now what do you use money to buy? Well, as you already know, you can buy Pokemon with money. You may also buy TMs, items and stuff, and Evolution Stones. That's right. Your Pokemon can't evolve unless you pay money. I'll have a list if we actually do this with the prices of everything on them.

    So you play through the game and beat it. For example, lets say you have around 1,000 left after you beat the champion. That's not nearly enough to buy Arceus! Oh no! But don't fear, you can buy him in small chunks. After you beat a game, you start over on a new game, keeping your money. So you could pay off 1,000 towards Arceus. But then you don't have any money for the next game, so you have to strategically pay off only a certain amount each time, so that you can play through the first part of the next game. So you could pay 500 and then have 500 to start the next game.

    This is the general idea of the challenge. I know its really confusing, I just got up so I'm not all the way into things. We'll have to tweak the amount of money for stuff later on if you guys like this idea.