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Hey guys! Sorry for being mildly off-topic and advertising but you all know me, and this seemed like a much better place than the usual thread because hey, it's about pixel art but not about critiquing and recieving crit (mostly). It's pocket spriter time again!

Pocket Spriter #7: Trials and Pixelations

Newcomers and oldcomers all, welcome to the newest episode of the eagerly-anticipated Pocket Spriter! Today, we rejoin our heroes Seika and Twitch as they grapple with challenges such as overcoming artblock and dealing with thousands of screaming fans who all want requests and commissions and concrit. Exciting! You, the viewer, can join in on the talking fun if you have skype, or simply via the chat if you do not.

The stream will start at 5PM EST on Wednesday, December 29, an earlier start time to accommodate those in other timezones. Panels are as follows:

Hosted by Twitch: 5-8PM
Circuitry Tips: Designing and spriting electric-type fakemon
No Regrets: Reviewing and improving on old designs
Sprite Critique: We take a closer look at viewer-submitted sprites and might actually resprite a few.

Hosted by Seika: 8PM-Happy hour
Hieros Gamos: It's not pokemon, but it -is- a neat pokemonesque game. We'll take a closer look at the alternative style of Seika's creations.
Sprite Requests: Viewers request a design or idea to be sprited.
Happy Hour: par-tayyyy

As always, the link to the channel is ! You don't need to be registered on livestream or anything. Just drop on by, and tell your friends!

Copypasta aside, and to make this post relevant: it depends on the sprite I'm working on, but generally I either just sketch the outline in black right then and there and refine it, or if it's especially complicated I make a rough sketch in a light color and go over it in black. I don't generally agonize over the sketching stage with different parts as different colors, unless it's a particularly difficult scratch.